Posted by: TomA | 28 November 2006

Icy conditions and gadget failures…

The snow has sadly been turned into 2 inches of lovely shiny ice, covering everything. It feels about -10 with windchill, and it is going to snow again on Thursday. Plus the sun is shining. Very pretty. So maybe it is about time in the next couple of weeks to head to the hills and learn to, erm, ski. At the least, learn to slide down a mountain on my backside. It can’t not be fun….

Work was, partially, back to usual. The power cut over the weekend meant there was no heating and the network went down – meaning everything I had to do on the computer (90% of my work) I couldn’t do without borrowing someone elses. A massive pain in the ass. To be expected though.

My ipod died again. I think its the fourth time this has happened, which shows a remarkable consistency for Apple to manufacture buggered ipods. I have the (expensive) extended warantee so it ought to be replaced, though I can’t do it online – being in a different country to before is too much for their computer system. All a bit frustrating. I shan’t be buying another… unless they make an even shinier one, and then I might resist until they make them work.

As my laptop is so sadly inept (still crashing every 10 minutes or so, and finding playing a CD far too strenuous to do without skipping/pausing/jumping every 5 seconds) I’m all without music. This is truly a testing time. Thankfully there are loads of gigs in the next week to keep my ears occupied:- Cat Power, The Faint, Old Man Luedecke, The Hidden Cameras, The Handsome Family, Joanna Newsom + Bill Callahan/Smog and probably more.

I’m off to buy more warm jumpers. At least I’m not in Calgary, its -40 or something stupid there. Though Toronto is bathing in sunshine and 15C temperatures… Global warming hey?



  1. I’m going to leave the library soon, your pictures have derailed the building’s lore. The nicest structure in commercial Peckham (if you ignore the library) probably belongs to Burger King.
    And no, it’s not a whopper with cheese.

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