Posted by: TomA | 27 November 2006


Having eaten lots of sushi since we got here, I thought is was probably about time to take some [bad] photos of it to show you . The above suggests the boats move quickly. They don’t. Though you do need to be quite deft to remove the plate you want without clattering the plate behind and/or knocking over your/someone else’s drink.



  1. Looks lovely; though I don’t really approve of the salad garnish.

    I had some sushi from Marks and Spencer’s yesterday and it was a truly depressing experience. It was so nasty. When I got back to the office and looked at the wrapper it said ‘does not contain raw fish’. So it had this horrible cooked tuna in it. Yuk.

  2. Most don’t have the nasty salad garnish – but by the time I’d thought of taking a photo, I’d eaten the rest and couldn’t afford anything else off the little boats.

    I’m going to struggle next year if all I can find/afford is M&S sushi. Maybe I’ll have to befriend a sushi chef…

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