Posted by: TomA | 27 November 2006


On Saturday afternoon it began to snow. As I understand it, snow in Vancouver is somewhat a rarity. So the past 48 hours of non stop snow has been rather unusual. I’d say we’ve had about 6-8 inches so far, with a bit more predicted for tonight.

Saturday evening saw a healthy dose of snow, inducing the amused faces above.

By the morning, there was plenty more snow.

On Sunday we went for breakfast at Sophie’s, where everyone appeared to have been at the Rolling Stones concert the night before, with lots of t-shirts, with Sophie launching into an impromptu quiz on the ‘Stones. A bit of shopping followed and we trudged with soggy feet to Granville Island for a brewery tour.

Granville Island Brewery is a nice little microbrewery and we got shown around the tiny room they do their brewing in, followed by some samples of the honey lager (…ok), their pale ale (nice but bland), their German double strength winter brew (unsurpisingly strong but nice) and the winter ale (awesome, with vanilla and chocolately aromas). A very slightly tipsy walk around the market on Granville Island saw us buy some food for tea (chestnut and yam stuffed fresh pasta), and onto a very slippy slidey bus home.

Where there was no electricity. We stumbled around to find some firewood and candles, cooked pasta on the open fire, and had a rather pleasant evening. Children’s playgrounds are especially fun when empty of children and full of snow.

Turns out it wasn’t only around mine that had no electricity – the entire UBC campus was powerless too.

The weight of the snow had brought down a load of trees, which took the electricity cables and those for the trolley busses down with them, so I walked into campus to make sure work wasn’t open. The road in, with no traffic, reminded me of scenes from the Narnia TV series, with snow everywhere and icy trees; all deadly silent. I passed several stranded and empty busses on the way in, and saw one tree crack, splinter and fall on the other side of the road as I passed.

Its still snowing, though is supposed to clear up a bit later, before turning it all to ice for the next week with temperatures staying below freezing.


  1. That all sounds/looks awesome. Snow and beer and no work. Here it is just wet.

  2. I still claim that Narnia comparison ;)x

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