Posted by: TomA | 24 November 2006

My Favourite Place

I believe I’ve found my favourite place, anywhere in the world, ever. I genuinely can’t see how 5 weeks travelling throughout the USA in the spring will take me anywhere more special.

All the following photos were taken from the pier on Kitsilano beach about an hour ago, while the sun set. I stood for about an hour and a half, just staring at the snow on the mountains, the downtown skyline, the twinkling lights on the north shore, the sun setting over the bay, and watching the seagulls fly around. There was an elderly Chinese man fishing for crabs and oysters.

In addition to all the above, just as the sun set, a seal popped its head up above the water, laid on its back for a couple of seconds to look around, rolled, and disappeared again.

And just ten minutes walk from home. Returning to the UK is going to be something of a shock…



  1. Sounds like you’ll be going back then . . when Becky graduates?

  2. I think that Kitsilano beach will always be a special place for you, even if only in your memory if you don’t return. You really are quite a romantic at heart, but how come, as me and your dad don’t think we are?

  3. thats not any old chinese man.
    thats my uncle ping.

    *calculates the ironic value of this being true*

    beautiful pictures by the way.

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