Posted by: TomA | 24 November 2006


It has been well over a week without tap water that you’d want to drink. As well as general murky scuminess in it, it was announced that the water at UBC has E-coli. I’ve taken their word for this and stayed away from the tap water.

I went to Safeway after (a rubbish day at) work to buy some stuff for tea and it seems the whole of Vancouver went without debit or credit cards, including ATMs. People were scrambling around for change, there was general panic, it was fun.

This time next week I expect we’ll all have carved spears and be hunting and eating moose over a bonfire.

They might have more big tall buildings than the UK, but lacks in terms of water sanitation and banking systems.

[Work was rubbish as I spent most of the day clearing out the food, food wrappers and general pieces of useless paper the incumbant had stuffed throughout her desk as it was being replaced – without warning; and having to do everything manually once my printer and barcode scanner died].

Nevermind, a bad day needn’t end that way… [See post: My Favourite Place]

[Unrelated photo below]


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