Posted by: TomA | 19 November 2006


Last night I think I saw a bear.

The slight doubt arises under the circumstances. For a start, it was dark. Never the easiest lighting in which to spot large hairy mammals. Second, bears really aren’t seen 2 blocks up from my road in surburban Kitsilano.

Walking up to the bus, at 9th and Trimble I saw what I instictively thought was a bear – as it looked rather like a bear. I pointed it out to Becky, and then we kind of reassessed the unlikelihood of stumbling upon a bear sitting on someone’s front lawn. In the gloom it might have been a large hairy dog, so we started to walk on, and then it went into a very bear like pose, standing, leaning forward on its front arms exposing shoulders. Dogs don’t do this. Bears do.

Was it a bear? Probably. Maybe we should have stayed and watched it for longer to work it out, but at the same time, it may well have been hungry and tried to eat us. I’m not sure how you fight off a bear with only an umbrella. Books say if you encounter them you’re supposed to talk slowly and calmly and back off, unless they’re close in which case you wave your arms at it and scream and run away.

So yesterday we weren’t mauled by a bear. Result.


  1. […] Last month, I thought I saw a bear. Walking home last night, I saw the animal again. This time, it was on a lead, being walked by a middle aged couple. And no, it wasn’t a bear, just a very big, hairy dog. To be fair, it still walked like a bear, had that lazy swagger to it’s hind legs and a very similar build, but dog it was. […]

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