Posted by: TomA | 18 November 2006

Fancy a drink?

Thanks to the exceptionally heay rain on Wednesday and Thursday, the mountains decided to give the city a little present. Landslides of mud and dirt is what they chose to deposit into all the city’s resevoirs. Hence now the whole lower mainland is without drinking water. Bottled water is hard to come by, shops are left selling their stock of really horrible drinks (Coca Cola with cherry and vanilla; strangely flavoured iced teas, brightly coloured powerades) and the city is without coffee – something that provoked serious panic amongst the majority of my work colleagues yesterday.

I met with my friend Dan (aka Daniel, Guntrip..) the other day and had a nice chat in the Railyway Club and a few drinks. What was odd that I wasn’t expecting was how English he sounded (and doesn’t particularly at home). It is weird how even after two months an English accent sounds foreign (initially at least). I’m noticing that I’ve started picking up and using certain words or phrases, so I’m sure by the time I return to the UK I’ll have a rather strange version of English with a Canadian twist.

Becky and I went to see the Marie Antoinette film last night, thinking it’d be useful for her forthcoming essay. It probably wasn’t. The film was bad, lacking any sort of original thought (apart from casting Steve Coogan in a serious period piece) and relied on fancy costumes. I also hadn’t realised that people in 18th century France were actually from what appeared to be the Home Counties, nor that Marie Antoinette was American. They also seemed to have Converse shoes and shoegaze at the time which just added to the confusion.


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