Posted by: TomA | 7 November 2006


So in todays paper apparently there was record rainfall or something over the last day. Some bits of Vancouver got 25mm+ of rain.

In an hour.

For three hours straight.

Plus more rain, although less drastic, for the next 24 hours or so.

There were mudslides, road closures and goodness knows what other fun. Luckily I only got soggy shoes and some damp trousers. Today was nice and sunny again.

At work I’m being trained as a dental receptionist. So far as I can tell, all this extra work is in exchange for my extra 60 cents an hour. This is being taken to the point of the clinic buying a new computer and workstation for the reception area so I can work in there as well as do my job. The receptionists and I have speculated that I’m being expected to stay on, possibly forever, when the person on long term sick for whom I’m covering finally (if ever) returns. No one has thought to ask me about this. Nevermind.

I am drinking far less tea than normal and far more coffee – frequently purchased from Starbucks. What’s happened to me?



  1. Your trip to Seattle has obviously had a serious effect on your drinking habits – you have become infected with a Starbucks virus and have to keep drinking coffee instead of tea.

    Think I need to buy a new unbrella for our visit to Vancouver by the sound of it. Should I bring my wellies as well?

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