Posted by: TomA | 5 November 2006

Cheesecake, Islands and more rain.

So the post I just wrote appears to have disappeared completely. Leaving me with the dilemma of whether to try and re-write everything I said or leave it. Hm…

The gist was:

  • Xiu Xiu gig was very good.
  • Cheesecake restaurant isn’t open in the afternoon after all; I can see the draw of late night cheesecake eating with a pint
  • The Death By Chocolate place on Broadway and Granville is rubbish – not a patch on Lee Rosie’s tea shop in Nottingham, which has far superior cakes of all descriptions
  • Islands gig at UBC SUB Ballroom on Saturday night was really rather good, even if I find the idea of having so many gigs unlicensed rather odd: – the frequent running up and down to the student pub downstairs did add an interesting element though. Subtitle who supported disappointed me a touch – his raps weren’t that interesting and nor were his backing tracks, though his between song chats were much better and performing with Islands later suggested he just needed something more interesting to MC over…
  • Today the weather is wet. Again.


  1. I forgot to say I really enjoyed Subtitle’s jazz with Islands. It was possibly my favourite part of le gig.
    I hope the cheesecake place has a better grasp of good cheesecake that the chocolate place…though the latter really didn’t actually have much chocolate did it? hmmm. Fun day though 😀
    People kept squinting at my tshirt today, supposedly trying to read it. It’s suitably unnerving…almost as much as the screaming girls 😀 x

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