Posted by: TomA | 2 November 2006

More Pay

So finally heard back from the UBC agency and I’m now their employee – so once the probationary period of 60 days has passed I get all the union benefits. Who knows what they are, but I’ll get them. I also get a pay rise starting as of next week, of 60 cents an hour. Which might just buy me a cake or a coffee at lunchtime I guess. Nevermind.

Off to see Xiu Xiu in what I believe to be a tiny community hall somewhere over by Granville and 10th. Fingers crossed it’ll be fantastic.

Oh, and it really started to rain today.



  1. Hey, you’re a union man now. Have you sold your soul for 60c an hour? Will you now have to say; ‘no, that’s not my job,’ etc and go on strike?

    Had to look up what xiu xiu is . . Wikepedia says ‘Californinan rock band’ – surely not your kind of thing?

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