Posted by: TomA | 27 October 2006

Off to Seattle

Tomorrow morning, or I guess, more like tonight, I’m off to Seattle for the weekend. The bus leaves at 5.30am, which is disgusting. Why we couldn’t have got the 8.30 I’ll never know, but Becky’s Seattle friend insists on this. I think this is the time to state that when the US immigration officer asks me something at 7am or whatever, I’m going to be prone to mumble something at him and go back to sleep. Whether or not I’ll be let in remains to be seen…

The reason for the trip? Um, well, it turns out Halloween is for big kids too over here. Becky’s hall friends (aged 18-22) are going trick-or-treating on Tuesday, an activity I thought was reserved solely for the under tens. Everyone has parties and dresses up. It’s a bit like Christmas is at home, with the shops full of tasteless rubbish and people scrambling to buy it.

So Becky’s hall friend Amy is having a party, or her sister is, or something and we’re going. I believe I am dressing up. I also believe this is not a concept that agrees with me. Who knows what’ll happen.

I also had an interview this morning, to join the unionised UBC temp pool agency. All seems very complicated, but the gist is I get paid the same if they accept me, but get medical and dental cover, which I already have under home insurance. And if they don’t accept me, then I can’t work for UBC again. Other than probably in the job I’m in at the minute, but only as an external agency employee, under a full moon on a Thursday in July or if the sum of the letters of the previous 4 days exceeds 129. And only then, under regulation T3MP802347257204723947103740234 – AJGWJGEJGKE. xxxiivci. D.

They were going to tell me before I left work the outcome but didn’t. Nevermind…


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