Posted by: TomA | 24 October 2006

The New Pornographers and sunny days.

Becky and I also ventured to the New Pornographers gig on Saturday night at The Plaza Club. The supports were both slightly uninspiring – being a simple medley of Saves The Day (the bad pop-punk part) and unadventurous indie (reminiscent of Belle & Sebastien at their worst). The New Pornographers were much, much better though. Just wish I’d not had missed them so many times back in Nottingham…

What else to report? I undertook some strenuous testing for the UBC job agency on Monday afternoon, including lots of mental arithmetic, the sort not experienced since GCSE maths. Their grammar testing was interesting in so far as being correct, unlike the grammatical errors in their typing tests. As I’ve pointed it out to all the other agencies and received somewhat bewildered looks back, I kept quiet this time. Tomorrow afternoon I have an interview with them and then find out whether I’m being kept on, get a pay rise or being told to bugger off.

The weather is still lovely. Slightly cloudy at times but more than nice enough to be able to sit outside and eat my lunch without feeling cold. Shows no sign of suddenly getting cold or wet at the moment, so here hopes it lasts a bit longer. The contrast is in watching the weather reports – full of severe weather warnings with x feet of snow, so many inches of rain or temperatures substantially below 0C in other parts of Canada. Seems we picked the right bit.


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