Posted by: TomA | 20 October 2006

Student Radio – for Vancouver vs Nottingham

This afternoon I ventured to CiTR, the UBC/community radio station to have a look around and see what opportunities they had to get involved. It really couldn’t have been much more different from URN in Nottingham. What it lacked in flash and new equipment, it made up for in enthusiastic people and wanting to be different from commercial radio. Their entire playlist is dominated by interesting and independent recording artists, not the Radio1/Top 40 based rubbish student radio in the UK seems to thrive upon. They even gave my cupcakes on my tour of the studios and offices. I’m very excited by it all. Not sure if I’ll get a show or not, and if I do it’ll be tricky – Canadian broadcasting regulations require a certain proportion of Canadian music to be broadcast per hour I think, which’d be testing – but I’m doing the training non-the-less. At the least I’ll befriend the guys there who can point me in the direction of countless obscure Canadian bands for my attention, and hopefully I can turn them onto some of the oddities from home…. In addition, I think people actually listen to CiTR, unlike URN. It reaches something ridiculous like 1-2 million people, of which if a dozen or more listen, it’s doing better than Nottingham. I’ve not yet decided if this is a good thing, or purely something to strike fear into my soul. There was something pleasantly reassuring that no one, apart from friends and family (and even then, probably not…), might be listening to hear me make a fool of myself.

In other (boring) news, I’m at work at the dental clinic for another week at least. Potentially until the second week of January. Who knows. Apparently, at the end of next week, I have to undergo the UBC temping agency tests. If I pass, I get to join their temp pool, the union, get all their benefits (more pay hopefully, as well as medical cover and joys not needed under the welfare state) and hopefully more variety in placements.

The weather has turned rather nice again today, so just about to pop out to buy a nice warm coat before it gets cold and wet again. Then its out for food with Becky and friends and some well deserved beer after a gruelling week at work.


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