Posted by: TomA | 17 October 2006

Apple Festival

I somehow forgot to mention the joy that was the annual Apple Festival at the weekend. Apparently, it is quite a big event. Which seems odd, seeing as its mainly consists of people standing in a car park at UBC Botanical gardens selling bags of apples off tables. In the rain.

There were lots of children though, and lots of apples to taste. Which can never be a bad thing. They had some rather nice hot apple juice and some rather good apple pie. There were apparently also “Apple Demonstrations”. It was too wet and cold to bother investigating, but it still plays on my mind… what can you demonstrate with apples? How to eat them? Cook them? Juggle with them? Or are there things to do with apples so outstandingly bewildering, so fantastic, so awesome, that without seeing I simply couldn’t comprehend?



  1. You’ve missed out on something important – the demonstration surely is where you put the apple on your head and your dad shoots it with his crossbow!

  2. I really like the apple . This is my choice.

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