Posted by: TomA | 16 October 2006

Food shopping

I’ve not quite got my head around foodshopping here. You’ve two main options.

The first is to go the independant route, and buy meat from the butcher, veg from the grocers, etc etc. All well and good, but by the time you’ve traipsed up and down trying to work out what it is you want, and where to get it from, you’re knackered. Trying to hunt down anything less obvious than a steak or an apple is tricky – things like rice or pasta tend to be hidden in the most bizarre places in these shops – often in a hidden draw or underneath a pile of something else. That said, once you’ve tracked it down, what you’re buying is lovely and fresh, albeit hideously expensive.

The second option, although it seems less effort, really isn’t. Safeway. Being the only supermarket and with every shop being huge, you’d think it’d be easy to find something to eat. It really isn’t. Unless your diet consists of chocolate milk (coming in nothing smaller than gallon cartons probably), cookies, and sugary cereal. Trying to find wholesome looking meat is near impossible. And cheese! Cheddar comes pre-packed, and pre-sliced, in slimy looking packets. Tubs larger than my torso contain “100% Real Cheeze”, whatever that is. You can buy a vat of peanut butter costing $20 and heavier than anyone that eats that much peanut butter could ever carry. Nor can you buy just two muffins, or a croissant, but a dozen. Even then, they come “iced”, dripping in something sticky. How are Canadians not grossly overweight?


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