Posted by: TomA | 16 October 2006

Breakfast, rain, and eggs.

The weekend was rather wet. When I say rather wet, I mean really really wet. It rained and rained.

Comfort was found in stodgy breakfast foods, mainly at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe on 4th. Somewhat hefty pancakes drowned in maple syrup with nicely crispy and greasy bacon kept me full all day. Inside was very nice, full of “collectable” tat and random pieces of naff… stuff. All in a 60s diner style. Was very good.

In the evening we ventured to Tsunai Suishi, which was great. I still can’t quite get my head around how cheap it is – $3-4 for a plate of suishi is about normal, and after 4 plates you’re stuffed. What made it especially enjoyable was the bar seating, where you’re sat around what would normally be a conveyor belt, but was in this instance a delightfully tacky series of boats going around on water. Once you get over the initial fear of watching the same bits of suishi go round and round and realise you’ve already got the cold everyone else has, you dig in.

What was especially interesting was trying to work out what some of them were. In particular – the eggy ones. Flying fish roe (tiny, red blobs), topped by the yolk from a quail’s egg, all wrapped up as suishi in seaweed. We weren’t quite brave enough (they’d been going round since we arrived, if not longer), but did try the salmon roe – larger eggs which had an unnverving tendency to pop gooeily in your mouth, but didn’t seem to have much of distinguishable flavour. Interesting non-the-less though…

Oh, and below is a picture of a cement mixer. Just because.



  1. Why has the cement mixer got wheels in the air?

    Fish roe is great if little disturbing. Especially when you come across it unexpectedly in a fish you are eating.

  2. It has wheels in the air so it can rear upwards, with the cab in the air, growling like a wild beast. Hopefully.

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