Posted by: TomA | 13 October 2006

Changing Seasons

The weather impressed me today. For the past month, with only an afternoon and an evening of drizzle as exception, it has been warm and sunny, with totally clear skies. This morning looked to be much the same, until around 10am this massive bank of fog/cloud descended upon the city – to the point where you could see it approaching and engulfing. It became very wintery – cold, damp, windy – and then an hour later, it just moved on, changing in a matter of minutes from heavy fog to clear blue sunny skies.

And then it did it all again a couple of hours later. It really felt odd having such sudden and dramatic changes of weather, when at home you get used to the same drizzle all day, or clearing or getting wetter, but never from one to the other, back, and back etc. I’m looking forward to getting caught out many times over the next few months with/without a warm/dry coat and made to look foolish by the locals…

I also ventured back into the tea shop for more tea. Currently drinking genmaicha, a nice rice tea. The woman in the shop said, in a pleasant mixture of Chinese and English, “You vaaaary knooowledge-uuble ’bout tea” which brought smile to my face.

Work continues to be frustrating. The job is tedious, repititive and could easily be done by a reliable child. I think the frustration comes from a combination of the following:

1) The last job I had was both interesting and challenging. The whole Tesla project was exciting to be involved with and everyone there was suitably enthused. Yet I can’t help comparing the two, leaving the current job looking decidedly shit.

2) Every job I’ve ever had previous to this has been part time or temporary – it’s never been my main “activity”. All of a sudden, I’m working full time filing, and its a bit of a shock to the system.

However, it is ridiculously easy and far better paid than I was expecting, so it’s not all bad. I’m also honing my “skills” at Solitaire and Minesweeper…. Hm.



  1. So you’re a tea expert then . . . . . Thinking about the job, why not write a book. More fun that Minesweeper and you never know . . . . ‘Reflections of a Filing Clerk’ or ‘Tea and tedium, confessions of a filing clerk’

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