Posted by: TomA | 11 October 2006

Lovely lovely tea!

I’ve finally found somewhere that sells tea. Real, proper wholesome tea. Even better, it’s just around the corner. So I’ve got a small bag of loose leaf English Breakfast and a lovely little tea strainer to perk me up in the morning.

Posts have become less frequent as my laptop feels the need to crash approximately every 8 minutes. Slightly irritating.


  1. Drinking tea, walks in the park . . . are you leaving no pleasures to discover in mid life? Banana slugs sound fun though – could you keep a pet one on a jam jar to show us when we come over in December? Do they even smell of bananas?

  2. Should I add tea bags to the packing list when we visit?

  3. No need for teabags now I’ve found this shop 🙂
    Having not seen the slug, I’m not sure if it smells of banana or not. I suspect not though…

  4. Big slugs sound good though . . . . I wonder if they are crunchy or soft?

  5. There was no tea on the train at the weekend either to or from Nottingham. Staff shortage and a broken geyser. An absolute outrage.

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