Posted by: TomA | 10 October 2006


Yesterday was thanksgiving (in Canada at least – its mid November in America). Which meant I got a day off work for some sort of harvest festival/gorging out turkey.

So instead, we went to the forest in North Van. The seabus across the bay was fun, a mix of bewildered tourists and bored looking locals. Views are good from it though, with cityness in front and behind, and to either side mountains.

The weather is still rather on the warm, sunny and perfectly clear side. Slightly fresh in the morning, but really quite nice in the afternoon. Apparently it should last for a little while longer. Even the seagulls sunbathe now.

From Lonsdale Quay on the North Shore, we got a bus through the suburbs to the forest, and the suspension bridge. Not the really touristy Capilano one, but one with considerably less people, and somewhat more free to walk across. The photo is about as busy as it got, we got plenty of opportunity to run across it and get a good sway and wobble from it. The drop was quite big, and the dip quite large.

From here we had a nice walk around the park, through the river to the point where it turns, and found lots of fast moving water, with steaming rocks as the sun came through the trees. Jolly nice.

The forest itself is quite rainforesty, getting, um, lots of rain. I’d wanted to see a banana slug – they’re apparently about a foot long and bright yellow. Probably best we didn’t, I’d have been too tempted to poke it with sticks or put it in a crepe and try and trick tourists into eating it…

There were lots of lovely warning signs as you enter the park, mainly describing how people had become trapped in the pools before and drowned, fallen from a height having slipped while climbing or something. Apparently though, thongs, as well as being somewhat hideous, can cause ankle injuries. What you’re doing with your feet intertwined in a thong I’m not entirely sure, but perhaps another reason to add to the list to avoid them….


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