Posted by: TomA | 6 October 2006


The big problem of the VIFF is picking which of the films to see. And then getting tickets before it sells out. Becky and I have tried to see: Fido (Canadian zombie movie, but with a sense of humour and not scary or cheesy); Paris Je t’Aime (a series of 16 shorts about Paris); and possibly others but have turned up to find them sold out. Shall try to see them soon though…

I did attend my first international premiere though, of Cain’s Descendant. The experience was surreal, as the cinema was only 1/4 full, and I recognised the lead actor (Watanabe Kazushi – who played Visitor Q) sitting at the back as I walked in. The film was rather bizarre though. The third line of the introductory monologue referred to Nottingham being some sort of industrial wasteland, along the lines of the petroleum refineries of Kawasaki (which didn’t look anything like Nottingham…) Strange reference point for a Korean director. The rest of the film veered from the mundane (lots of sitting in silence soldering electronics), to the bizarre – lots of unexpected violence (cutting off fingers with with scissors), lots of unwholesome and gratuitous sex scenes, and some sort of religious theme. I left somewhat bemused, unsure whether I liked it or not.

Walked into the cinema on Wednesday expecting a German film about death, to be confronted by a French romantic comedy (Change of Address). Although not awful, it wasn’t exactly earth shattering stuff.

And last night, we went to see Old Joy, featuring Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Palace Music and various other names…). Though nothing happened (two guy drive into the woods in Oregan, talk, find a natural hot spring, take a bath in the woods, drive home), it was really gorgeous. Said lots of profound/interesting things without really saying it. One I really enjoyed, and not just because I like Will Oldham’s beard.

The next film we’re off to see is, um, based on a homo-erotic manga story set in a prison. It’s directed by Miike though, so bound to be both great and disturbing…



  1. hmmm so will you have a beard like Will Oldham’s when we see you next?

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