Posted by: TomA | 1 October 2006

Somewhere to call home

So, having looked at apartments occupied by the unwashed, the deluded and the plain weird, I seem to have finally found somewhere to live. Albeit temporarily, but its a good start. Not quite in Kits which is where I’d hoped to have been, its a little bit further west, closer to UBC, in an area called Points Grey, which is somewhat on the affluent side. The house is on West 7th, so ten minutes walk to Jericho beach (below… and if you look very closely, you’ll see Becky and flat mates in a long boat, somewhere at the back in a race)…

Jericho Beach

… right next to a park, which has swings, children and views of the mountains and downtown (below)…

Downtown from Trimble Park

…and at the top of the hill from the sea (below)…

The house itself is really very nice, though it has more of a continental feel to it than a lot of those I’d looked at. It is set back from the road, hidden behind lots of trees…

… and with a nice sitting room…

… and a clean modern kitchen…

and a properly furnished and decorated bedroom. So many of the places I’d looked at simply had a mattress propped up on a couple of milk crates and if you were lucky, they’d have a desk made up of a bit of plywood on some blocks.

Its a family home, with Rick (an economist I believe) and Marla going to Europe next week until the end of December, leaving the son, Erinn, at the house. There’s also a couple from Germany/Luxembourg renting another room who I’ve not met yet but I’m assured are lovely. Although $675 a month seemed expensive, it was only $100 more than one I’d looked at earlier in the day, which didn’t have a bed, had a tiny kitchen, grotty bathroom and had 5 people in a not very large house.

So anyway, I’m moving in after work on Tuesday, and will stay until the end of December. Which should give me plenty of time to find somewhere pleasant in Kitsilano for Jan through to April, knowing how much I can realistically afford.

Becky and I were going to go the cinema last night, but were too tired, so went to the pub instead. I’ve still not totally got my head around the beer here, some is very nice, but it does all seem to be very cold and very fizzy. A tour of the Granville Island Brewery beckons at some point once the weather turns nasty to find out exactly why it’s all so fizzy…

(This is probably a good time to point out that where I’m working doesn’t have tea. Nor a kettle, so I can’t even bring in my own. Not good. If I buy a flask for tea, I fear an anorak and a notepad can’t be far behind….)



  1. Taking flasks of tea to work? Tom you are beginning to sound rather like Granny preparing for a long trip to Ipswich. Don’t forget the boiled sweets!

  2. Flasks, anoraks and notepads are all things that all sensible people should carry/wear at all times. My gran always preferred Cadbury’s Eclairs to boiled sweets but a flask of tea was never far away.

    Looks like a nice house. It’s always good to be near a playground.

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