Posted by: TomA | 28 September 2006

First day at work

Not much to tell really. Job is not particularly exciting, mainly consists of pulling patient charts from the large storage bit ready for the dentists and students, with some computer bits thrown in, some photocopying, some sorting bits and pieces. Money is good though, but not sure if I can cope with the 7am starts for much more than the next 3 weeks.

Phoned a number of apartment to chase up rentals, but nothing yet. All getting a touch frustrating.

International Film Festival starts today, and we’re planning on seeing two tomorrow evening: one screen written by Douglas Coupland; the other by the (Czech) director of Little Otik. Both should be very entertaining.

In the mean time, here’s some photos of odd bits and pieces…



  1. The job sounds fun – but the photos are depressing. We’ve just paid our deposit so will def be coming over on 28th Dec . . . . Hopefully you’ll take us to see more exciting sights . . . !

  2. Don’t envy you a 7am start at work. Really enjoying your blog, will miss reading it for the next couple of days, due to your father doing great north run this weekend. Hopefully you will find somewhere nice to live this weekend, fingers crossed.

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