Posted by: TomA | 27 September 2006

How not to find an apartment

So, this afternoon, went to look at two more places (having phoned up several more, and usually given up trying to speak to whoever it is with a minimal grasp of the English language). The first was off Granville St, just south of downtown. The road was really pretty, full of nice houses and posh apartments, which kind of got my hopes up. Turned out the place I was looking at was a nasty 70s apartment building, not quite as bad as the one on Monday, but not far off.

The woman who’s apartment it was was very nice, but had awful breath again, and was blind. Although it was fairly clean and tidy, I can’t see any way in which sharing with a 50-or-so year old blind woman would be the fun year in Canada experience I want really.

The second was on 13th, midway between downtown and UBC. Bit of a hike from 4th, but not too bad. Nice road, all ready to say yes, got there, no answer, tried phoning their cell and got now answer. Which was frustating as I’d spoken to them 3 hours earlier to arrange a time to come and look around.

Bit frustrating. Bought suishi on the way home to cheer myself up, and have sat and eaten it while watching Seinfeld with Becky and a bottle of wine.


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