Posted by: TomA | 27 September 2006

A job!

So today I found a job, starting tomorrow. It is on UBC campus, at the dental clinic, doing admin bits and pieces I believe. 7am start, but they only do 7 hour days and an hour for lunch over here (rather than the 10 hour days I was getting used to…). Money’s rather good too. Its for 3 and a bit weeks to cover sickness, with potential for more work either there or elsewhere afterwards.

Not so good on the housing front. I’m viewing somewhere today which is being rented for Oct and Nov only, and if its nice, I’ll take it. Over the past couple of days there has been hardly anything listed online, apart from expensive places with smokers and dogs, or places with professional women in their 40s, neither of which are really going to suit me.

I’ve restricted myself to Kitsilano and Points Grey, being between UBC and downtown and near the beach, but perhaps its time to expand southwards a bit, to some of the less pretty, out of the way or more expensive places…


  1. congratulations. Just somewhere to live to find now.

  2. What a shame – you could have had that dental treatment for free instead of paying for it here before you left!

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