Posted by: TomA | 26 September 2006


Today had two appointments with job agencies. The first was in a very flash high rise block towards the north of downtown. An hour and a half of computer based tests (Word, Excel) and a typing speed test (50 words a minute apparently) led to an interview, some logical reasoning tests and the prospect of two potential temping jobs. The first would be with Accenture, mainly admin stuff, in downtown at around $15/hour starting rate.

The second was at UBC, again admin based, but with pay starting at $16 and up to around $21. Lots of confusing stuff as they’re unionised, and the placements tend to be of a 1-2 week duration, but apparently there are loads coming in, and after 30 days or so you join their direct temping pool and become unionised.

The second agency I went to, Manpower, were in many ways awful. Nasty building and office, I was forced to sit through a corporate video from the 1970s (ridiculous dialogue, slap bass and widdly guitar soundtracks, awful graphics, bad hair) telling me how to deal with customers/clients/colleagues. Presumably, not making them sit through the most patronising video ever would be a good start… I got to watch a second too, equally bad, where Brad talked me through which chemicals I can pour over my hand in order to get varying degrees of caustic burns. Something to bear in mind when papercuts aren’t enough to satisfy my adrenalin pangs I guess… Sat through another 2 hours of testing, doing much the same, and got to have an interview.

Staff were very helpfl though, and there’s the potential to work with one of the big Canadian banks, ScotiaBank or CIBC (who didn’t want to employ me when they met me at Easter in London…). Pay wasn’t as great, $15 or so, but still comparably more than at home.
So looking far more promising, just need to find somewhere to live now….



  1. Don’t tell me: you’ll take the job at UBC and have the chance to amend Becky’s exam results . . . . .

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