Posted by: TomA | 24 September 2006


The squirrels are odd over here. There are plenty of grey [gray?] squirrels, and apparently red squirrels too. But loads of jet black squirrels, which are a similar size to the grey ones. Why did no one ever tell me squirrels come in a black variety too? All of them seem to be doing lots of running around gathering nuts. I’ve not seen one without a large nut in its mouth and a nervous glint in its eye for a while…

We also saw two raccoons sitting in a tree as we walked back from the pub. They looked rather cuddly, but I think would probably have gouged at my face had I approached them.

Next, I need to find some bears….



  1. Oh dear, both rooms gone and only the black squirrels for company = you could live in a tree I guess. Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY – I’m sure you’ll find somewhere very soon, only this time, say yes when you see it and don’t sit on the fence.

  2. Funny you should mention squirrels. I ran over one on my bike on the way to work today. BUMPBUMP front and back tyres.

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