Posted by: TomA | 24 September 2006

Housing Jazz

So, after all that, still no further.

The nice, $590 a month one went to someone the landlord knew. I only got the message this morning, they called yesterday apparetly. Had just called the old dude to look at that again with Becky, so went over there, decided to take it, and he said he was expecting someone else to look around, who’d be wanting it for 2 years rather than 7 months. And later in the afternoon he confirmed the other bloke had it.

Have found a couple more places on notice boards which I’ve chased up, so hopefully these will be a touch more fruitful.

In the afternoon had a wander around Commercial Drive. Not that exciting, but a few nice thrift stores and record shops. Several homeless people, though they never seem that threatening, or even that homeless – being far more polite and generally cleaner than those in Nottingham or Norwich. Perhaps they have something more substantial than soup kitchens over here…


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