Posted by: TomA | 23 September 2006

Where to live?

Gah. So looked at another place today, which is a couple of streets down from the other place. Owned by a lovely chap called John, who’s in his 60s and a photographer/ex-gallery curator. Walked past, he’s sitting in the street on a chair with jazz coming from inside, and generally seems very friendly. The place is nice, but the room is very much on the small side, as well as being quite dark. The living room was nice, and the kitchen clean but a bit, um, disjointed? shambolic? Can a kitchen be either of these? Anyway. It was considerably cheaper, $450 all inclusive, which means could have the money to do fun stuff more often.

So now I’m stuck in the: do i live with people nearer my age in a nice but very small and slightly expensive basement suite; or the cool older dude in a smaller darker room, but with a bigger living room, and with whom I had a nice chat about John Cage?

Without a job, it’s hard to tell how much of difference those $150 a month would make. Or knowing who I’d have more fun living with. The pressure of knowing that both are likely to go fairly quickly and that other people were interested makes it even more difficult.

So, any suggestions before I commit to one or the other, potentially at random?


  1. So, a real conundrum. I guess you need to work out how Bohemian the old guy is? Will he appear at your door at 0200 bearing two lit spliffs and want to introduce you to things you’d prefer not to see, let alone experience? Or is he really a John Peel substitute? Only you can judge that. The basement sounds good, if only because you’ll be sharing with a personal trainer and that must mean eating sensibly and lots of early morning jogs . . very healthy!

    On balance, you should do what I’d do in this situation – ask the boss. Take Becky to see both places and let her decide where she’ll be most comfortable spending the odd night in your company. Girls seem to have an instinct for accomodation . . .

    Oh and the $150 per month? It’s nothing really – if you’re confident you’ll get a good job, the difference in price won’t matter one bit.

  2. hmm, dificult. I lived with people my age and it ended up as a pigsty. But if they seem tidy you should be OK. The older guy was great but I didn’t really think I could bring friends round, but then I didn’t think I could bring friends round to the pigsty.

    Though I should think the most obvious question is which is closest to the nudest beach.

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