Posted by: TomA | 23 September 2006

Finding an apartment

Yesterday I went to look at a room in a shared house in Kitsilano, between downtown and UBC. The area is really lovely full of little shops with fresh fruit and nice boutiques – reminiscent of Covent Garden I guess.

Kitsilano House

The house (above) was nice. The room I’d be renting is in the basement, a common thing and not as dark and dingy as it sounds. There are two other guys living there: Chris who is mid 20s I guess and a personal trainer, who’s come from New York via Toronto; and Shaun who wasn’t there when I had a look around. The room is small but furnished, but has a nice kitchen and a little living room, and a private patio out the back. Its at the top end of my budget, $590 a month including utilities, but it is in such a nice location it seems worth it. Though there are places for $400-500 about, they don’t seem to be between 4th and Broadway (the two main shopping routes in Kits, also the main bus lines from downtown to UBC), nor the people so nice, friendly, quiet and clean.

Kits road

Hoping to hear back from them today, and fingers crossed… Moving in date would be Oct st, not perfect, as I’d have to hide around Becky’s halls for another week, but not disastrous. Waiting to hear back from couple of other places I’ve emailed, got another viewing tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens there…

What I really loved about the place though, was 7 blocks north, a 5 minute walk or so, you get the following views:

Vancouver view from Kits Beach

Then in the evening Becky and I wandered down to Wreck Beach (fully clothed), which is a couple of minutes walk from her halls, and supposedly Canada’s largest nudist beach. Was getting dark when we finally got down all the steps, and most of the naked folk seem to have buggered off home, apart from possibly a few in the distance having a bonfire and banging drums in some sort of tribal/hippy fashion. The photos below don’t really do it justice, but it was spectacular. During the day I think they have lots of stalls and stuff down there too.

Clambered back up the many many stairs, overtaking a couple of homeless people (one of whom had wandered into the reception of Becky’s halls the night before and been rather entertaining). They told us a rather fanciful story, involving one of them finding dead body one morning, speared on a branch, having presumably slipped on the steps in the dark and falling down the rather big hole next to it.



  1. Ah, that sunset is soooooo beautiful. There was a nice one here in the week. But looking at a sunset over the council block opposite work isn’t quite the same.

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