Posted by: TomA | 22 September 2006

The sorting stuff begins…

Its all down to the nitty gritty now. Yesterday had the BUNAC induction meeting, which was generally a big waste of time. The only thing I needed was my social insurance number, which the kind people in immigration had already given me the applicaition form for. The rest was going through fairly bits and pieces. I had bargained on there being lots of people with whom I could befriend and find somewhere to live, but nearly everyone appeared to have come in groups of friends from home. Those loners I did approach seemed somewhat wary and slightly afraid. But weened a few contact details out of some.

So, am now going through the classifieds to try and track a shared apartment/house type thing. Viewing one in Kits this afternoon, just off 4th. Waiting for a few more around there to get back to me. Its a really nice area, 4 blocks from the bay and the beach, with views of the mountains to the north, and lots of very boutiquey type shops and nice restaurant. And possibly the best record shop ever. How I walked out without spending anything I’m not sure, but I can already feel the excess baggage on its way…

I do really like the road system, the whole “taking 5th to Bayswater St” makes everything sound as if its in a country song. Which can only be a good thing. It also makes finding your way around super easy.

Went for suishi last night on 4th Ave., which was really nice. And fairly cheap too, at least compared to what you’d pay at home. Though suishi rolls appear to be made just that fraction too large to comfortable put in your mouth whole, so while it can be done, you feel a bit of a pig doing so. [Biting them in half results in disaster though, and it best avoided…]

Not quite got my head around the beer here. There’s lots of nasty fizzy US style stuff, which I’ve so far avoided, but they seem to be quite big on “cream” beers, normally with something added – maple syrup or honey. They’re quite nice, but have that clinging, sticky sweet sensation thats slightly unnerving too.

They also seem big on “bubble tea”. Which isn’t tea at all, but more of a smoothie/milkshake type thing. But has these slimy, tapioca balls at the bottom, which look like frogspawn, and I imagine have a similar congealed texture when you swallow them. Very odd.



  1. Sounds exciting – tea with frogspawn and beer with honey. What do they put on their muesli then? Marmite?

    Have you also scanned the classified for a . . ermm job?

  2. I see you’re having problems acclimatising to the beer and tea over there. I can see however that we will be bringing back excess baggage in the CD and vinyl category when we come to see you later in the year after your recent visit to a record shop. I knew it wouldn’t take you long to add to your collection!

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